God of the Internet by Lynn Lipinski

// Published 18 May 2017 by Regina

God of the Internet Book Cover God of the Internet
Lynn Lipinski
Majestic Content Los Angeles
16 August 2016

When a hacker known as G0d_of_Internet hijacks millions of computers to do the bidding of an Islamic jihadist group, their first act is to disrupt the water treatment systems in Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles. Next, the power grids go down. Is this the start of a digital world war?

The only thing standing between the terrorists and their goal to weaponize the internet is a small band of white hat hackers, including cybersecurity guru Mahaz Al-Dossari and his wife Juliana.

The search is on for a couple hundred lines of code and a global hacker network before they can make good on their ultimate threat to divert money from the world’s banks. But G0d_of_Internet has been tracking their every move. And it’s Juliana, a PR manager lacking in technical skills, who may hold the key to unmasking the hacker.

Overall an enjoyable and gripping read. However, it’s not as “techie” as I thought. The main perspective of Juliana adds a touch of humanity to this book.

As the story progresses, actually it’s not that hard to guess who is the G0d_of_Internet but once of the scenes when the person behind this cyberattack has been identified is quite shocking and I loved that part.

As a person with an IT background, this book is considered not “techie” enough for our taste but the layman terms used in the book is great for general readers. This is a big plus to the author.

At first I was wondering why Juliana is in the main picture of a story which talks about cyberattacks. She’s a PR manager who doesn’t know much on technologies and she suffers from domestic abuse from her marriage with a husband whom was so loving and caring previously. The more chapters I read, I developed more emotional attachments with her. Juliana’s involvements in the story adds a touch of humanity to the book.

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